I have collaborated with the mathematician, Dr. David Gay, on several design and math projects such as Spaces of Spaces in Spaces and Surfaces of Surfaces through Surfaces from 2016 to 2018. It has been a great opportunity but a challenging journey for me to think about what it means to solve or to communicate math problems by using visual language. This page shows what we have created to bridge graphic design and math and math and graphic design: some design outcomes from our teaching practices, interdisciplinary projects, and some drawings.

  1. The Hatches: the Square Root of 7, Pi, and the Golden Ratio, David Gay and Moon Jang, A series of prints, 2018

  2. Hyperbolable Types Across a Triangulated Surface, David Gay and Moon Jang, Book, 2018

  3. Drawings and models from the collaborative course, Mathematics OutReach Design Lab, 2018

  4. Spaces in Spaces of Spaces, 2018