C-U-B-E Exhibitions and Workshops 2019~present

Joshua Ray Stephens: Autopsy: Dissecting Severed Limbs

02/26-03/29/2019 / C-U-B-E Gallery, N231

AUTOPSY is an exhibition and dissection of the process involved in creating Joshua Ray Stephens’ most recent published work, SEVERED LIMBS. He calls this comic book his “unholy bible”. SEVERED LIMBS is a unique limited-edition comic book, which has been hand numbered and crafted to become an art object. Joshua Ray Stephens is a cartoonist and designer exploring imaginative visions in comics form. Stephens describes himself as a human imaginator. His Formal training is in graphic design, but his calling is cartooning and art. He has contributed to international publications ranging from the New Yorker to Men's Club Japan. His work encompasses design, illustration, film, performance, comics, murals, writing, video games, and fine art. Meet the author at the closing reception and book signing, March 26, 3:30 PM – 6:00 PM.

C-U-B-E Exhibitions and Workshops 2018

Jan.8 - Feb 2: [ Exhibition ] Seven Acting States / Work by James Chae 

Mar 26 – Mar 30: Jennifer Crenshaw's workshop

Apr 2 – Apr 13: John Berglund's class

Apr 16 – Apr 27:  Erin Moore's class

C-U-B-E Exhibitions and Workshops 2017

unsolved: math+de-sign by Math and Design students, David Gay, Moon Jang / supported by ICE

See One, Do One, Teach One by ARST 2700 Textile Foundations students and Assistant Professor, Jennifer Crenshaw in Fabric Design

Improvisation in Repeat by Sara Parker and Simon Hunt


C-U-B-E 2015~2016

C-U-B-E at the Lamar Dodd School of Art is the experimental design lab that was founded by Moon Jung Jang in Spring 2015. C-U-B-E has multiple functions, such as a design research lab, workshop, press, shop, gallery, and archive. C-U-B-E invites designers, artists, and students to participate in design workshops in collaborative settings.

C-U-B-E invited two student designers, Jake Green and Joel Kern to assist in developing the C-U-B-E identity design and the project, A Liquid Network: C-U-B-E as a Coffee Shop in July, 2015. In August, 2015, C-U-B-E created two participatory workshops, Play with C-U-B-E Logo and Offline Shortcut Key Wall. In February, 2016, C-U-B-E featured the exhibit, Color Lab that included student work from graphic design courses. In March of 2016, C-U-B-E invited the designers, Joel Kern, Julie Rodriguez, Erin Moore, and Christopher Knowles to collaborate in C-U-B-E Workshop 03: On The Boundaries. An ongoing project, Color Your Voice is open to public participation at C-U-B-E. In November, 2016, Erin Macintosh, an artist and educator was invited to C-U-B-E to conduct a collaborative project, Watercolor Splice. Then, Cassie Hester, a graphic designer and educator, was invited by Julie Spivey, an Associate Professor. Cassie had the experimental typography show, Push Until it Falls Apart.