Selected Student Work

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching begins with redesigning a space. I design a classroom to function as multiple spaces such as a laboratory, theater, and public square. It becomes a place where students can experiment with visual elements, act out thoughts with open-ended outcomes, and share and exchange ideas and creativity. I believe that this approach to the space creates different learning environments, communication skills, and dynamic relationships between a teacher and students or colleagues. Creating a classroom having multiple functions, I focus on looking into the interests and inquiries of students. Understanding their interests and inquiries is important because it gives both students and a teacher reasons to communicate with each other and to build dynamic relationships around design problems. 

My teaching practices aim to cultivate creative and experimental design, to maximize design thinking and logical/intuitive design processes, and to establish design philosophy with critical, ethical, and democratic design aspects. I have taught all levels of undergraduate courses. In foundation courses, students learn about visual elements and grammar and practice a wide range of design approaches and skills. At the same time, they are exposed to constructive criticism by understanding the history of design as well as contemporary design. In advanced courses, I emphasize design thinking and encourage students to choose what they want to investigate and to deepen research in the logical/intuitive design process.

Course activities are different depending on the courses, but ultimately they are designed to help students to be critical thinkers and proficient makers. In order to achieve the objectives, students are encouraged to do the following:

  • Make something everyday: Daily Exercise
  • Investigate subject matter based on interest and inquiry
  • Articulate ideas in various perspectives
  • Synthesize observations and investigations
  • Explore visual languages, expressions, and digital skills 
  • Integrate conditional and participatory design
  • Re-contextualize and reconfigure visual practices
  • Collaborate across disciplines
  • Enhance problems-solving skills

My teaching philosophy is an integral part of my teaching practices and my research. It has informed all aspects of my career as a design educator and creative director. It has been the foundation in developing my courses and has guided students to become successful design practitioners in their fields.


I have re-designed, developed, and taught art and design courses at the Lamar Dodd School of Art, the University of Georgia since 2008.

  • ARST 1060  Color and Composition
  • ARGD 2010 Graphic Design Survey
  • ARGD 3020 Graphic Systems
  • ARGD 3060 Type and Image
  • ARGD 4090 Narrative Systems
  • ARGD 4080 Special Problem in Design
  • ARGD 4110 Senior Design Studio ( BFA Exhibition )

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